Your 2021 Wedding Checklist

Updated: Feb 2

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Hi, wedding pals. The new year has sprung. Do you feel any different? As we begin to look onward to a new season of weddings, we're faced with the same uncertainties of the past. Will this year of weddings be affected by COVID? Will we finally experience some relief? It feels like we're in a collective elevator stuck between two floors. A vaccine of slow proportions, possible new mutations, our world still half open, half closed.

I've personally found the only way to combat the unknown is to plan for all possibilities, as difficult & nail biting as it can be to reflect on them. So, inside, I'm hardcore dreaming of this year as a time where we can gather safely, in any number we desire, with no masks & no fear. But I'm also planning for possible foils to this dream. So, here's my checklist for you to consider when planning your wedding this year. Here's to hoping our world is safer, stable, and completely limitless for your 2021 weddings.

Denver wedding photographer

1). Find vendors with financial flexibility

This is key right now. Pour over your potential contracts with each vendor to see their options for deposit refunds in the event of cancellation. Even if you have an existing contract with a vendor that secured you pre-pandemic, you have every right to contact them and ask what new practices they're implementing in regards to refunds & cancellation policies. Ask if you can enter into a new agreement based on the current times, if they have one. Not all companies can provide full refunds for financial reasons, and it doesn't mean you shouldn't work with them. It's just something to consider if your wedding has to be cancelled in the face of COVID: how much money are you willing to lose in deposits? Is the risk worth the benefit of going with a vendor who offers refunds and/or flexible rescheduling versus one who does not?

Denver wedding photography

2). Book today, not tomorrow

We're personally experiencing one of our busiest wedding seasons to date, with a back log of 2020 weddings being rescheduled to 2021 in combination with the usual influx of new clients. For this reason, we're having to turn a decent amount of people away who we would normally welcome during this booking season. So, if you're slow on finalizing any of your key people - florist, hair & make up, videographer, etc. - you may want to hasten the pace. You don't want to be forced to go with your tenth choice because everyone else was unavailable. If your favorite dessert company is booked, ask them for personal recommendations. Going with a trusted reference of theirs is your best bet for getting your ideal vendors within a slammed season.

Denver wedding photographer