Do You Need a Wedding Videographer?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

A wedding video takes a memory and turns it into a living thing. One of the reasons we love to watch films is because they create empathy. We associate ourselves with the main character and travel through the journey of the plot with them. What they feel, we feel. What they experience, we experience. Wedding videography is exactly the same. When rewatching the key moments of your big day in real time, you experience them fully.

Denver wedding videography

I always say wedding photography is oxygen and wedding videography is chocolate. You need oxygen, but chocolate can be immensely satisfying. And what kind of life would we live without a little chocolate? That being said, wedding videography is a luxury addition to photography. However, in my experience a wedding photographer & videographer, I’ve found most clients have a deeper reaction to videos of their wedding day. Imagine watching yourself walk in slow motion towards your partner for your First Look, with all the anticipation that moment held in real time. The driving force behind the desire for wedding photography is to hold onto the memories of your day, and moving images place you right in the action, feeling everything as you felt it.

One of the best aspects of wedding videography is its ability to capture details and make them come alive. All the intricacies of the decor you spent countless hours crafting now have a life of their own as they pop on the screen. I adore capturing all of the distinct pieces of your wedding day in my wedding videography. Seeing a floral piece swaying in the wind or light spilling out of your chandelier pieces, there's nothing quite like it.

Denver wedding videographer

So, do you need a wedding videographer? That answer lies in what kind of reliving you want of your big day. Photography takes a singular moment and magnifies it in perfection, stopping you in your tracks and allowing you to focus on one memory at a time. Videography creates an immersive journey of your wedding that strings all your memories together from beginning to end. We've created a graphic to help you distinguish the aspects of photography from videography for your big day.

Denver wedding videographer

As you can see from above, the largest differences between wedding photography and videography is the real time & audio components of video. You can have pictures of your Maid of Honor sending you well wishes, but you won't be able to hold onto the words spoken. The live action aspect of videography also creates a more visceral experience of your wedding by capturing all the emotional nuances of every moment. Wedding videos are a great piece of history to share with family members for generations on so they can feel like they were a part of your wedding.

Again, remember that wedding photography is oxygen. But, being able to hold onto moving memories can be especially important as time continues and loved ones pass on. My suggestion? See if you can add even just a 1 minute highlight reel to your wedding photography package. Having a video to share with friends & family who were unable to attend is a priceless way to help them feel a bit closer to the action. I promise, it's worth it.

Have and To Hold Photography is a luxury wedding photography and videography company based out of Denver but serving all of Colorado. Keep up with their Colorado wedding adventures on instagram! @haveandtoholdphotography

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