How to Pick a Wedding Photographer | The Ultimate Guide

There are a lot of wedding photographers out there. So we know it can be difficult to choose. And once you have chosen, how do you set up a contract? Why are the prices so different? How do you know you can trust them?

That’s why we put together a comprehensive guide on how to find the right wedding photographer!

What’s the difference between a $700 photographer and a $4,000 photographer?

If you’ve already started your search for a wedding photographer, you’ve probably noticed a big difference in how much they charge. So what’s the deal? Should you be worried if you found a photographer who has a good portfolio, but only charges $1,000? Not necessarily.

For one, the expensive photographer might be offering a package that includes more benefits, like two photographers on site. Two photographers can be really helpful to make sure you capture all the important moments of your wedding. Imagine your new husband turns and dips you for your first kiss. With just one photographer, that turn might have ruined the shot. But with one photographer on each side, you know you’ll get that moment.

Wedding photography prices

The expensive package might also include engagement photos. And that engagement photo shoot might be in a unique location. For example, Colorado provides a long list of gorgeous photo locations. Rocky Mountain National Park has some of the most beautiful spots, but there are also spots like Mt. Falcon Park that are much closer to the city.

Wedding photographer in Denver, Colorado
Mt. Falcon Park at sunset.

A really skillful photographer will have these locations in their back pocket and will already know how to navigate them. It’s not as simple as finding a trail and snapping a photo. A good photographer will know the right spots on the trail and how to utilize them to get the best sunset photos.

The expensive photographer might also have some special techniques. Some of our favorites from 2019 are double exposure, panoramic, and drone photography.

Wedding photography from Denver, Colorado
An example of a double exposure shot.

Wedding photographer at Denver Botanic Gardens in Colorado
A panoramic photo from Denver Botanic Gardens.