Wedding Photography Checklist | Your Major Shots & How to Shoot Them

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Yes, folks, we know you've heard of the infamous wedding photography checklist. Pinterest has countless graphics of seemingly never-ending check boxes of photo shot ideas to pass along to your wedding photographer. We find a gigantic list of shots can be daunting for our clients to peruse, so we've simplified the process for you. In this article, we break down the key moments of your wedding day with some creative photo ideas for each, without overloading your plate. This should serve as a launch pad for you to begin to think about the type of photography coverage important to your wedding. That way, you can make your own personal checklist without all the fluff. Feel free to comment below with any of your own must have wedding shots!


1). Our Favorite Type of Hanging Dress Shot

So often we find hanging dress shots on their own fall short. It’s hard to capture the depth and beauty of a dress draped flatly on a wall. Therefore, we love to add the bride to the shot, holding or arranging the dress in some way that creates a dynamic shape as well as showing her personal relationship to it.

Denver wedding photography

2). Last Minute Touches, Details

Let’s be honest. You don’t want professional photographs of yourself with makeup only on half of your face. That’s why we take photos when hair and makeup are almost fully set, making for some luxurious glamour shots. For guys, we opt for candids in black and white as they create an emotional beginning to your wedding day.

3). The Lace Up, Of Course

We would be sacrilege wedding photographers to not mention the lacing or buttoning up of the dress. When in doubt, make sure to get a close up of the action. It’s wonderful to see the intricacies of your dress in this way, as well as the loving hands who helped you into it.

Denver wedding photographer

4). Wedding Ring Decor

Prep is the best and only time to shoot photography of your wedding bands and engagement ring, because once you exchange them at the ceremony, there is no way you'll want to take them off. We are addicted to finding new and inventive places to set the rings on. Some fan favorites are inside floral bouquets or on the wedding dress itself.

Denver wedding photography