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Hello, lovelies. Do I have a summer’s daydream of a wedding to share with you. As I write this, the world outside my window is full of chill & the murmurings of fall. My mind keeps dashing desperately back to Brett & Melissa’s August union in Pine, Colorado. These two chose the sensational Mountain View Ranch by Wedgewood Weddings as their trusted space to celebrate their commitments in matrimony. And, my goodness, the day did not disappoint.

Mountain View Ranch Wedgewood Weddings

The whole wedding felt light, open, & natural. That’s actually the best way I could describe Wedgewood Mountain View Ranch. If you want a venue that really exemplifies the true rustic soul of Colorado, look no further. Brett & Melissa said, ‘I do’ in the Willows Pavillion portion of the venue, with a stunning mountainscape backdrop, age old pine trees, and a glistening creek that transports you to a truly picturesque reality. Hailing from out of state, I believe Melissa really wanted her guests to experience the adventurous nature of Colorado. With Mountain View Ranch maintaining a sense of intimacy within its vast spaciousness, not to mention the epic views, I think her choice was incredibly apt.

Their wedding ceremony really echoed who they are as people. It was officiated by a close friend, which immediately made it relaxed, more like a meaningful conversation amongst pals than any of the traditional formalities that often make ceremonies feel distant from an audience. It was timely, and focused on the vows between them as the centerpiece of the experience. In that way, it didn’t waste a moment, but kept room for the most important thing, the love & commitments expressed between them. I'm always a proponent of this kind of ceremony, it makes for the best emotional candids!

Wedgewood Mountain View Ranch Wedding
Wedgewood Mountain View Ranch Wedding Photography
Mountain View Ranch Wedgewood Wedding

I felt Melissa's color scheme of soft blues & greens blended excellently with the natural surroundings & fresh feelings of summer. She expressed an importance in the light & airy side of photography which is what drew her to us, and I couldn't have been happier to hear that considering that's my forever commitment in editing. Halfway through our Bride/Groom session, I saw the sun brilliantly gracing us with its presence out to the right of the ceremony space, where the trees clear a bit to honor the mountains. I almost screamed (I totally didn't, but I almost did) and rushed them to that space. I knew this lighting would speak to Melissa & I's combined aesthetic tastes, and as I shot them slow dancing in the open field drenched in sunlight, I felt so lucky to be able to work with brides who share similar artistic visions to mine.

Wedgewood Mountain View Ranch wedding photography

Speaking of light, can I just fangirl over this reception cabin for a quick moment? The Willows Pavillion reception space has one of the best utilizations of natural light of any venue I've seen in Colorado. Melissa definitely took note of this when making her decision with this location. It seemed that anywhere I pointed my camera, I was graced with diffused windows that showed off the beauty of the outside world. It really created an indoor/outdoor experience for her guests. Also, pro tip, the cocktail hour deck has arguably the greatest view of the mountains in the whole estate. Make sure you grab some fun guests shots there!

And so, it was a day full of inspired photography moments, with the inspiration in large thanks to Brett & Melissa's laid back spirits and the gorgeous scenery each shot had to offer. There was such an effortless beauty to Brett & Melissa's enormous day. It was a real privilege to reflect that back to them in their wedding album. And, of course we also shot video. Check out their trailer below!

(Playback settings in 1080p, not Auto, lovelies!)

Venue: Mountain View Ranch by Wedgewood Weddings

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