Union Station Engagement Session

These days, Downtown Denver feels like a distant memory. Even in simpler times, we don't often encounter a couple that wants to explore the city side of things for their engagement photography. That in combination with lockdown & nightlife being halted, Denver has become a nostalgic locale for me. But that all changed in February when Aria & Shiju told me they wanted Union Station as the backdrop for their save the dates. I was immediately overcome with excitement, ready to get back out into the world and feel the rush of the city.

We started our engagement session inside of Union Station, which is actually a treasure trove of natural light & architecture. There seemed to be endless spots for inspired photography moments. I love how Union Station is like a visual metaphor of worlds colliding, with the bustle of travelers & city dwellers shuffling through the station, convening with loved ones in the plethora of meeting spaces it has to offer. This especially speaks to Aria & Shiju's relationship, one with a strong history of long distance dating and a great appreciation of what travel means to their love story.

Next, we went outside and explored the surrounding areas of Union Station. The city felt fully alive and I was reminded of how much I've missed this energy in isolation. It was a brisk day in February, but I could have stayed outside forever capturing Aria & Shiju's beautiful chemistry.

Finally, we headed over to Millennium Bridge to take some of my favorite photos in the whole set. I love how playful these two were the whole time, with endless energy for each other. They really embodied the heart of the city with their contagious smiles and limitless spirits. I also love how the sunlight shimmered in these bridge photos. This is the kind of lighting I always crave in my wedding photography: light, airy, and celebratory.

I would like to thank Aria & Shiju for getting me out of the house and back into the city for the first time in longer than I care to remember. We absolutely loved capturing their engagement photos during our off season of weddings and it revitalized us in so many ways. One step closer to married, and I'm now hardcore dreaming of snapping my camera a mile a minute while Aria walks down the aisle. And of course I'll be sharing all the photos from that precious day. Stay tuned. :)

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