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Hi & hello!

Selena & Neil here.

We can't even begin to express the true scale of gratitude we feel for being included in your wedding day.


Every wedding is a moment of humanity for us. To capture, to connect, & to create. And since you've graciously welcomed us into your universe, we'd like to welcome you into ours. 



"To capture insanely gorgeous images that memorialize true moments in people's lives. To create photographs & films of utmost importance to the viewer. To honor them above ourselves."

Our unrelentless mission:


Hi, I'm Selena

I started in this industry as an experiment of sorts: How can I utilize my skills as a visual artist to really serve someone? How can I make an impact?

I shadowed a friend on a couple of weddings & I was, in a word, home. I'll never forget the carefree smile on the first bride I ever shot. The unabashed joy, sweat, & twinkling purple lights on the dance floor. The whole space was buzzing. 

Since then, I've dedicated my life to serving you, your beauty, your love, & your stories. I'm always in search of the present moment, the candid space between you where your emotions shine. And I'm obsessed with forever exploring our signature light & airy style of photography.

Each wedding is an opportunity for me to show up & honor someone's life. I love to point my camera in the direction of your world & reflect it back to you. And the relationship we build along the way is so integral to my work. Please, never hesitate to reach out during your planning process. I love to give tips on timeline creation, photo sessions within your day, and anything in between. I really live to be your wedding bff.


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Hi, I'm Neil

Selena and I joined forces in the wedding industry by an accidental conversation about the differences between photo & video. How they're so often linked but deeply different. We eventually came to this conclusion:


Photo is a singular moment frozen into perfection & video is an actual reliving of that moment.

For giant moments in your life, I think the combo can be really powerful and honestly important. We wanted to serve our clients in a way that all avenues are offered for their big days. And we realized quickly that we could do that together.

So, I'm your main videographer for the day! I love all the small details that make up your larger story. A groom putting on custom cuff links in slow motion, the clinking of glasses across a room of toasts, your feet gently brushing against the dance floor. These are things that keep me excited to shoot year after year.

Some fast fun facts: I love rock climbing, homemade cocktails, and film photography. I may have a slight addiction to buying camera gear, but it's totally fine.

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We'd love to get to know you better!

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How to  stay connected with us on your journey to wedding day:

1). Literally, reach out anytime. Email, call, letter. We're here for you.

2). Newsletters - we'll keep you up to date on everything new & cool

3). Blogs & instagram, of course!

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Above all, we want to create lasting connections with our clients. You welcome us into your lives & graciously allow us to follow you around on your most important day. We honestly & truly consider each of our couples family.

So, however we can be of service, we'd like to be. Please, keep in touch on your planning journey, and we'll see you down the aisle.