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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

What a beginning to another year in wedding videography. We open this season with Amanda & Bryan, a renewal of vows penned by the soft wonder of March. March is quite emblematic of their love, firmly solidified through the winter of marriage, ready for the coming spring of their commitments. I love the mixed light the beginning of spring offers. From creekside vows wrapped in midday highlights to a Bride/Groom session covered in the shadows of dusk, it was a wedding videographer’s dream.

Boulder Creek by Wedgewood Weddings was the perfect Colorado mountain retreat for this marriage celebration. It was so nice to escape from the bustle of Denver and ease into its stunning nature. We wanted Amanda & Bryan to have a visceral remembrance of their surroundings. So the sounds of the babbling creek blended with the audio of their vows. The forest pines bristled gently in the wind and created soothing visuals. Drone shots flew over the mountains and established a deeper connection to the venue they chose. Wedgewood makes amazing use of the distinct stillness one can only feel when out in the Colorado wild.

Our Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K’s dynamic range delivered for this wedding. With the sun setting just around 6 pm that day, the details in the shadows are something to marvel at. Most modern movies live in the shadow detail and we believe your love should be a cinematic experience. For Amanda & Bryan, filming their wedding with cinema cameras felt like the proper scale to portray how their love feels: classic, committed, and timeless.

And so, it was another lovely day to be a wedding filmmaker. This one was especially poignant, as it occurred just before COVID-19 ravaged our world and rendered it officially closed. While editing this in social isolation, it got me thinking. So much of life is scary and confusing right now. How one month, we can gather together without fear, and the next we’re on lockdown. I’d be shocked if we don’t all come out of this with a deeper appreciation of our friends, family, lovers, and cats. For me, I’ve become hyper-aware of the privilege I have being a wedding videographer. I get to capture real people, real stories, real love and reflect that world back to the viewer. I know this is such a fragile, difficult, unimaginable time for those planning a wedding during a global pandemic. If you’d like to escape into some wedding memories, check out their trailer below. To Amanda & Bryan, thank you for allowing us to capture and share your love in a time of such chaos. Be safe & well, everyone.

- Make sure your playback settings are in 1080 HD. :)

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