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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

I've always been a huge fan girl of intimate backyard weddings. So naturally, I was wide eyed & obsessed with Jeanne & Korbin's July wedding in Cañon City, Colorado. There was such a Pinterest worthy melding of naturalism & elegance for their garden party of matrimony. With a color scheme of soft shades of pink juxtaposing masterfully with the light hues of greenery encompassing the whole space, it was a pastel day dream. As soon as I stepped on site & took in the colors around me, I knew I wanted their wedding photography to really exemplify the unique feelings of being outdoors.

Did I mention Jeanne is a dream bride? Not only did she make us feel so welcome, but throughout our process together she continually checked in on designing ideal photography moments. Even in our first conversation, she mentioned the importance of a stunning location for their bride/groom portraits. Travel can often be difficult in a hectic wedding timeline, but she was so laid back about allowing enough time for anywhere I saw fit. And if you know anything about Cañon City, then you must know Skyline Drive.

Korbin actually proposed to Jeanne at Skyline Drive, so there was double importance to shooting at this incredible space. But honestly, it would have been my first choice no matter what. Skyline Drive is a one way road ascending up a razorback ridge overlooking Cañon City. The 2.8 mile drive sits above an area west of Pueblo & scenic mountain views come into full frame. I adore the blend of natural wonder with city & cars just below it. Some fun facts about Skyline: In the year 2000, Paleontologists found dinosaur tracks (Cretaceous Ankylosaur) on one of the hogback peaks visible from the road. These pointed to dinosaurs in a group, traversing side by side. I guess Skyline Drive was a fan favorite for dinosaur friends as well!

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We also took a little trip to Main Street, a lovely downtown area in Cañon City. There's something so magical about a bride in a commercial setting. I think it's the mixture of elegance with every day life, like seeing her dress fill a cross walk on a city street. We took them to an old movie theatre store front, Skyline Theater. Movie theaters always remind me of first dates, of exciting butterflies for the beginning of a new relationship, so I felt it was extremely fitting to capture for the beginning of their marriage. Sunlight began lavishly to fill the scene as we shot, and I couldn't have been happier with the exact settings of light that moment brought us. I love how every element can come together for a perfect photo. Old cinema buildings just ooze romanticism, and their playful interactions made for some of my favorite photographs in their album.

I felt real gratitude as we traversed downtown and the sun came out. It got me thinking how different aspects of a wedding day often reflect those getting married. Their wedding day was intimate, whimsical, & grounded. I couldn't think of a better way to describe Jeanne & Korbin. I'd like to thank them both for curating such a spectacular day for wedding photography and videography. Their wedding memories will be swimming around in my head for quite some time.

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