That's Fashion | Our Search for Wedding Photo Magic

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Neil and I often joke that whenever a photo is particularly stunning in a primal, instinctive way, we say, "that's fashion". We hold each wedding photograph we produce up to our own unique standard of "fashion". Or, in simpler terms, untrainable and inexplicable magic. For a long time, we couldn't quantify the characteristics of a "fashion" wedding photo until we saw each image on the cutting room floor. What makes a photo feel like a glamour magazine or an Old Hollywood movie? Somehow, I think I've finally discovered the one essential element that answers this question:

A moment of quiet release between the two.

The best part of photographing a couple on their wedding day is letting them just live together with their emotions, anticipations, and racing thoughts. If I can channel all of that into a singular moment of stillness on camera, I’m a happy wedding photographer. Now, that's fashion.

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